If you’re an influencer, especially one who loves food, or you have a food-related business, then there’s no reason not to collaborate or look for inspiration from some of the top food influencers out there.

With people sharing many parts of their lives on social media, food blogging has become a trend among certain influencers who love to share their food, cooking tips, and recipes with their followers online.

If you’re curious about how influencers do it, it’s best to look at some of the top food influencers to either collaborate with them or learn from them.

That’s why I’ve gone ahead and created a list of the top 20 food influencers you should follow.

List of Famous Food Influencers

Let’s start with a quick overview. Here are the top 10 food influencers for this list.

NameFollower CountInstagram Account Name
1. David Chang1.7M@davidchang
2. Lindsay Ostrom1.1M@pinchofyum
3. Sam Schnur1.1M@thenaughtyfork
4. Samira Kazan1.1M@alphafoodie
5. Chris Stang and Andrew Steinhal765K@infatuation
6. Ashley Manila751K@bakerbynature
7. Ashley Alexander337K@gatherandfeast
8. Sylwia370K@obiaddlataty
9. Caitlin Greene392K@starinfinitefood
10. Francesca Bonadonna261K@plantfullybased

20 Top Food Influencers

Now without further ado, here’s the full list of 20 of the top food influencers currently on the internet to collaborate with.

Food Influencer #1: David Chang

No. of Instagram Followers – 1.7M

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A post shared by Dave Chang (@davidchang)

David Chang is an American restaurateur, author, and television personality. 

He’s created shows for Netflix, makes content for his chain restaurant’s YouTube channel Momofuku, and keeps his Instagram followers happy with great cooking content.

Food Influencer #2: Lindsay Ostrom

No. of Instagram Followers – 1.1M

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A post shared by Lindsay Ostrom (@pinchofyum)

Lindsay Ostrom grew her social media follower count through her blog called “Pinch of Yum.”

She creates plenty of content on her blog, which makes its way over to her Instagram as well, where she shares stories and recipes with her followers. She also does giveaways like the one above.

Her easy-to-cook vegetarian meals, as well as delectable desserts, have garnered her more than a million followers.

Food Influencer #3: Sam Schnur

No. of Instagram Followers – 1.1M

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A post shared by Sam Schnur (@thenaughtyfork)

Sam started The Naughty Fork in 2014, a website and blog where she shared her food journeys and delicious recipes.

In the years that followed, she quickly grew her social media presence as well, posting travel and food pictures on Instagram and sharing her journey with interested followers and foodies alike.

Food Influencer #4:Samira Kazan

No. of Instagram Followers – 1.1M

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A post shared by Samira Kazan (@alphafoodie)

Samira Kazan might look familiar to Netflix food show lovers. She was a winner on the streaming giant’s show, “Crazy Delicious.”

Over on her Instagram account, named alphafoodie, you can find easy-to-follow and cook recipes, as well as pictures of scrumptious smoothies.

She also recently released her authentic Lebanese cookbook called, “Lebanese Cuisine.”

Food Influencer #5: The Infatuation

No. of Instagram Followers – 765K

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A post shared by EEEEEATSCON (@eeeeeatscon)

Co-founders, Chris Stang and Andrew Steinthal, created the New-York based food account and recommendation service in 2009.

The brand’s Instagram account is full of restaurants and food recommendations, perfect for any foodies not sure what to eat next!

Food Influencer #6: Ashley Manila

No. of Instagram Followers – 751K

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A post shared by Ashley | Baker By Nature (@bakerbynature)

Ashley is an expert baker who keeps experimenting with different ingredients and shares the links to her recipes on Instagram. She runs a successful food blog “BAKER by NATURE” where she posts all her recipes in detail.

She uses Instagram just to post beautiful food pictures and asks her followers to go to the blog to read the recipes.

Food Influencer #7: Ashley Alexander

No. of Instagram Followers – 337K

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A post shared by Ashley Alexander | Recipes (@gatherandfeast)

She runs a successful Instagram page, @gatherandfeast, and has a huge follower base. She regularly posts simple food recipes that her followers can make at home.

Her Instagram feed is filled with mouth-watering food pictures of the food that she cooks. Apart from that, she also creates beautiful and creative flat lays using cooking ingredients that she posts to make her Instagram look beautiful.

Food Influencer #8: Sylwia

No. of Instagram Followers – 370K

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A post shared by obiaddlataty (@obiaddlataty)

She is a Polish chef who creates beautiful food recipes and shares them with her followers on Instagram.

Sylwia also runs a blog where you can find her breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. She started the blog to post the everyday recipes that she prepares for her family and share it with the world.

Food Influencer #9: Caitlin Greene

No. of Instagram Followers – 392K

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A post shared by Caitlin Latessa-Greene (@starinfinitefood)

She is a private chef, food stylist, and photographer from Boston. Her forte is creating healthy and filling meals and plating it in a way that is Instaworthy.

On her blog, “Food Infinitude,” you can find all her recipes, holiday gift guides, and a lot more. She also posts a brief version of her recipes in her Instagram captions.

Food Influencer #10: Francesca

No. of Instagram Followers – 261K

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A post shared by Francesca (@plantifullybased)

She is a vegan who posts vegan food recipes and their pictures on Instagram. She creates a wide variety of food recipes from salads and main courses to desserts.

She also runs her own YouTube channel, “Plantifully Based,” where she has 9.3K followers. She creates detailed videos where she explains how to make a particular recipe.

Food Influencer #11: Dorie Greenspan

No. of Instagram Followers – 146K

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A post shared by Dorie Greenspan (@doriegreenspan)

She is the author of two books—Everyday Dorie and Dorie’s Cookies. She is also a columnist for The New York Times magazine. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of delicious desserts that she likes.

Unlike most other influencers on this list, she does not always post her own recipes, but also shares pictures of desserts made by others and tags them. She also runs a blog, “Everyday Dorie,” where she posts her recipes and tidbits about her life and travels.

Food Influencer #12: Sarah Brunella

No. of Instagram Followers – 116K

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A post shared by Sarah Brunella 🇨🇭 (@sarah_fel)

She is not just a cook who creates new recipes but is also a food photographer and author. She posts beautiful food pictures on her Instagram page and detailed recipes on her blog.

Given her skills in photography, she is brilliant at using beautiful backgrounds and plating the food in a way that looks beautiful. Her Instagram feed is as much about food as it is about photography, which makes her stand out from other influencers on this list.

Food Influencer #13: Anna Lindberg

No. of Instagram Followers – 84.3K

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A post shared by Anna Lindberg | FOOD | FUN (@memysmoothiesandlife)

Anna is different from any other person on this list because she creates only ice-cream sundaes and smoothies and nothing else.

Her Instagram feed looks like a child’s dream come true, with different colors and flavors of ice creams topped with delicious fruits and toppings. Her blog, “Me My smoothies and Life,” also has the same theme—ice-cream sundaes and smoothies.

Food Influencer #14: Charles Lee

No. of Instagram Followers – 62.8K

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A post shared by Charles Lee (@chasoldboy)

Charles creates sumptuous meals using vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian ingredients and posts beautiful food pictures on his Instagram. The way he plates the food is nothing less than a work of art.

His recipes are more focused on meat than vegetarian meals and hence, he is the one to follow if you’re a meat lover.

Food Influencer #15: Pauline

No. of Instagram Followers – 52.6K

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A post shared by Pauline 🌸 (@lavieplaisirs)

She is a French content creator who posts tasty and healthy food recipes, along with beautiful pictures of the food that she makes. She is a big fan of avocados and uses them is almost all her recipes.

Her talent is not just limited to cooking good food, but also extends to photography. Her Instagram feed is a treat for all foodies out there.

Food Influencer #16: Jil

No. of Instagram Followers – 44.5K

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A post shared by jil | be ferox (@beferox)

She creates delicious vegan meals and posts about it on Instagram. Apart from the beautiful pictures of the food that she makes, she also shares the instructions on how to make those meals.

She is a pasta lover and that clearly reflects in her Instagram feed, where most of her recipes involve some form of pasta.

Food Influencer #17: Emma Hyslop

No. of Instagram Followers – 39.2K

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A post shared by Emma Hyslop (@emmamariehyslop)

Emma is a foodie who creates plant-based recipes and posts them on her Instagram page. She uses healthy ingredients to create delicious meals and desserts.

She also posts the recipes in her Instagram captions, so that her followers can try making those recipes. To get more detailed recipes, you can visit her blog, “The Nakd Kitchen.”

She runs a small business, “Nakd Nola,” which is basically a brand of small batch handmade granola.

Food Influencer #18: Fiona Lee

No. of Instagram Followers – 39.2K

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A post shared by Emma Hyslop (@emmamariehyslop)

Fiona is a New-York-based food blogger who posts about food items from restaurants that she visits.

Unlike others in this list, she does not actually create recipes but just posts about food and beverages that she likes. This makes her the perfect person for restaurants to collaborate with.

Food Influencer #19: Ignatius Gorby

No. of Instagram Followers – 17.5K

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A post shared by Ignatius Gorby dwilingga (@badplating)

He is a brilliant chef who creates delicious recipes and posts pictures on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @badplating, which is ironic because he actually specializes in plating.

With his plating skills, he can make everyday food look fancy. He actually serves meals with small portion sizes, fit for a fine-dine restaurant, and presents it beautifully.

Food Influencer #20: Rebecca Tolan

No. of Instagram Followers – 17.3K

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A post shared by Rebecca Tolan (@itsrebeccakimberly)

She creates new recipes and posts about it on her Instagram page. She writes the recipes in the Instagram captions of her posts, so her followers can directly get instructions from there and start experimenting.

Which of These Top Food Influencers is Your Favorite?

These are some of the best food influencers on Instagram, who can help promote your brand and spread brand awareness.

If you aren’t sure which hashtags to use when creating your food-related content like these food influencers, check out HashtagsForLikes for instant hashtag suggestions.

Who is your favorite from the list? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to know how to become an influencer, check out how to become an Instagram influencer and make money.

Disclosure: Please note that a few of the links in this article are actually affiliate links. If you click on them, I will earn a commission, without any extra cost to you. Please know that I have only selected the best food influencers for you, which I personally tested and highly recommend. For more information, please read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

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