I’m sure you’ve heard that for every $1 spent on an influencer marketing campaign, businesses are gaining $6.50 in earned media.

However, have you been wondering which influencer marketing tactics they’re using to drive such remarkable success in lead generation and increase sales?

That’s exactly what I’m going to talk about in this post.

Today, marketers and businesses are busy learning about the most effective influencer marketing tactics that can help them boost their marketing campaign ROI.

With the growing popularity of influencer collaborations among brands, it makes sense to know the right influencer marketing tactics to use on social platforms.

The only thing you need to be careful about is finding the right influencers to partner with for your marketing strategy. For this, you can leverage influencer discovery tools. I recommend using Heepsy for the same.

It has a database of over 750K influencers on social media and you can filter them based on their engagement rate, reach, hashtags, and more. It’s also possible to contact them right from the platform.

The following statistics will give you an idea of how marketers are using influencer marketing campaigns to amplify their brands’ presence. Especially on social media.

  • 77% of marketers use influencer collaborations to drive engagement.
  • 89% of marketers use it to create authentic content marketing .
  • 56% of marketers use it to drive traffic to their websites.
  • 43% of marketers use it to reach younger audiences who detest traditional ads.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 7 influencer marketing tactics that you can follow right away to amplify your brand's presence. Let’s get started.

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7 Influencer Marketing Tactics to Amplify Your Brand's Presence

#1: Product Launches Involving Influencers

Brands have been collaborating with celebrities for ages to launch and position new products and as part of a general marketing strategy.

However, partnering with influencers can give you much better results with your launches as compared to celebrities.

Why is that?

Because celebrities are likely to have a massive number of followers with diverse interests. And their endorsements are less credible celebrities generally aren't effective with a single niche.

More importantly, consumers know they’re only endorsing a product only because they’ve been paid to do so as part of a marketing strategy.

On the other hand, influencers are perceived as subject matter experts in their niches. So their messages are more credible. Also, their followers are people who have a keen interest in that niche.

So their endorsements are likely to be heard by your target audiences resulting in greater chances of conversions.

In fact:

  • 30% of people are more likely to purchase a product that has been endorsed by a non-celebrity than a celebrity,
  • 70% of millennials prefer non-celebrity influencers for endorsements.

Influencer endorsements are one of the best influencer marketing tactics to get people to trust your products.

Here’s how Chanel leveraged influencers to promote their launch of the Chanel No. 5 L’Eau perfume. They invited popular Instagram influencers to a retreat at their production facilities in France.

The idea behind the marketing strategy was to showcase how they use real flowers to manufacture their perfumes. And of course, to build awareness about the new product.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

This marketing strategy worked really well for Chanel. When a popular fashion influencer like Juliane Diesner posted about her experiences across various social media platforms, it was a huge success.

Chanel also came up with a couple of branded hashtags for the influencer campaign – #chanelgrasse and #newchanel5 – which amassed over 900K likes on social media platforms.

Not just that, Chanel was able to reach more than 9 million people with this innovative influencer marketing campaign.

So what are the influencer marketing tactics we can learn from them? Make sure to collaborate with influencers for your next launch to make them immensely successful.

#2: Work With Influencers Who Love Your Brand

If influencers are already talking about you without any sponsorship, it means that they’re fond of your brand values. This means that they already have an interested audience who are likely to receive your message well.

And what could be a better marketing strategy to ensure the success of your campaigns than partnering with these influencers?

If you ask them to promote your brand, you will have a better chance of generating maximum campaign ROI.

Airbnb is one brand who’s used this influencer marketing approach successfully. When they came to know that Mariah Carey had booked one of their properties, they reached out to her for a collaboration.

And for the sponsored campaign, she posted some photos of the Airbnb beach house she stayed at. This post received more than 45,000 likes.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

Following this success, Airbnb has continued collaborating with other influencers in a similar manner. The influencer posts a photo of their luxurious vacation thanking the brand.

And in exchange?

Airbnb offers them free stays in some of their most luxurious and extravagant properties.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

This tactic helped Airbnb spread the word about their business.

So how do you find influencers who are already talking about your brand?

Keep a tab on who’s tagging you in their posts. You can also search for your branded hashtags on social media sites and look for mentions from influencers.

Social media listening tools like Mention or BuzzSumo can also help you find out who’s talking about your brand without it being sponsored content.

#3: Encourage Creativity from Influencers

The beauty of influencer marketing lies in the content that influencers create. Influencers are talented individuals with the ability to create something magical. Even sponsored content!

The obvious benefit?

It saves you and your team immense effort and time in brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas.

So, what is the influencer marketing tactic that you’re essentially employing here?

Providing your influencers ample creative freedom is a proven tactic. A Crowdtap study found that 77% of influencers prefer working with brands that provide creative freedom.

Here’s an interesting example. Maybelline provided influencers complete creative freedom to promote their Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara.

So, some influencers wrote blog posts to promote the product. While others took to Instagram.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Monroe Misfit Makeup

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

The campaign was immensely successful and garnered impressions of about 35.7 million. Insane, right?

#4: Collaborate for Long-Term Associations

Effective and efficient collaboration is extremely crucial to driving the best results. And finding influencers who can be your brand ambassadors, in the long run, is a successful influencer marketing approach.

Many popular brands have been collaborating with the same influencers on all their campaigns. They don’t treat such associations as one-time transactions.

Of course, provided that the influencer’s interests and niche align with the brand identity.

An example of a brand that massively benefits from this tactic is Johnson & Johnson. They’ve collaborated with Joy Cho of Oh Joy for over three years.

She’s promoted their colorful BAND-AIDs with Instagram posts. With more than 400K Instagram followers on her personal account (and over 58K on the Oh Joy account), she has been helping J&J reach audiences far and wide.
influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

Taking a cue from them, focus on building relationships with your influencers. Strengthening your relationships with influencers is one of the most effective influencer marketing tactics.

Long-term partnerships help you get more people to trust your brand and products. You can also share affiliate links or coupon codes with influencers to help them encourage more people to buy your products.

#5: Leverage Micro-Influencers

You must be aware of a category of influencers having a lesser number of greatly engaged followers called micro-influencers.

According to a research by Experticity, 82% of people are more likely to follow a micro-influencer recommendation.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Experticity

Micro-influencers are capable of building stronger connections with their audiences because they have a smaller social media following.

And because of this, their followers are way more engaged on social media and are more likely to trust their recommendations.

That is why working with micro-influencers can be a good tactic to help you run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Another reason why you should consider micro-influencers is that working with them is cost-effective too. In fact, 87% of them charge less than $500 per Instagram post.

Leveraging micro-influencer collaborations is a promising influencer marketing approach that can help you efficiently engage your target audience.

However, finding reliable micro-influencers can be a challenge.

You need to manually go through their profiles to analyze if it’s worth partnering with them. This process can be simplified by using influencer discovery tools like Heepsy.

It has filters through which you can select the type of influencer you want to partner with. Additionally, you can filter out influencers based on their reach and the estimated cost of a sponsored post too.

Tom’s of Maine, a personal care brand, launched a campaign involving micro-influencers. They selected micro-influencers having between 500 and 5000 followers.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

Their influencer marketing efforts helped them reach 1.72M people on social media and increased engagement by 600%. That’s the power of micro-influencers!

#6: Build Your Marketing Strategy Around Influencers

Marketing can involve several strategies, but is it worthwhile to incorporate influencers throughout your marketing strategy? It certainly looks that way.

Google Trends shows a marked increase in influencer marketing and a decrease in print advertising searches in the past 5 years.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Google Trends

For brands like Gymshark, their entire marketing revolves around influencers. Their original influencers Nikki Blackketer and Lex Griffin have promoted their products exclusively.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Instagram

Gymshark even invites influencers to their stores to meet their fans. This tactic helped the brand take influencer marketing to the next level. They made influencers meet their customers for real.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via YouTube

Gymshark’s complete focus on leveraging influencers helped them grow from $0 to $1.5 million in just two years.

You should incorporate influencers throughout your marketing strategy to improve ROI. This influencer marketing approach is likely to amplify your promotional initiatives.

#7: Monitor Your Marketing Campaigns

If you wish to grow your business with influencer marketing, it’s mandatory to use the right tools.

There are several reasons why you need this.

One of them being that, 78% of marketers find it difficult to determine the ROI of their influencer campaigns.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via Statista

There are many tools available in the market that can help you overcome most of these challenges easily.

For example, with TapInfluence you can get an overview of your campaign ROI.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via TapInfluence

Also, 45% of marketers find it difficult to find the right influencers. And for 30% of them, it is a very time-consuming task. Influencer marketing platforms like TapInfluence, Grin, or Socialpeeks can help you overcome all of these.

For example

If we look at Tapinfluence again – the detailed information about influencers helps you find the ones whose niche perfectly aligns with your brand.

influencer marketing tacticsImage via TapInfluence

So it is essential to adopt effective tools and platforms if you’re serious about your influencer marketing.


Q1. What are the best influencer marketing tactics to drive sales?

A. The most effective ways to get your influencers to drive sales are:

  • Track influencer performance.
  • Reward top-performing influencers.
  • Ask influencers to write sponsored reviews.
  • Source user-generated content from influencers.
  • Convert influencers into affiliates.

Q2. What are your thoughts on influencer marketing effectiveness?

A. As a marketing strategy, influencer marketing is a sure-fire winner. When done well, it can provide brands with enhanced visibility and awareness. Plus, it builds credibility, authority, and consumer trust in brands.

It also boosts engagement on social media, drives traffic to websites, and helps build tight communities. Smart brands also leverage influencers to solidify their images as socially conscious brands.

Last but not least, influencers can produce concrete results in the form of sales and revenue.

Q3. Are social media influencers an effective channel to market your products?

A. Yes, social media influencers can market your products effectively. They are ace content creators and understand content marketing. They have authentic relationships with their followers, which makes their marketing more resultful.

Plus, most influencers only promote products they believe in. Such transparency fosters consumer trust, which drives purchase decisions.

Q4. Have you ever tried influencer marketing for your SaaS products? If so, what tactics work the best for you?

A. Influencer marketing is compatible with SaaS products. Big SaaS brands like Adobe have influencers as their marketing partners and derive great returns from them.

For SaaS brands, these influencer marketing tactics tend to produce the best results:

  • Influencer-created sponsored reviews
  • Influencer-led thought leadership
  • Influencer-sourced user-generated content

Q5. Does using influencer marketing really give exposure to your personal brand?

A. Yes, influencers can enhance your brand’s visibility on social media. If you partner with mega-influencers, you put your brand in front of their huge followings.

More than that, you can reach narrow audience segments that match your ideal buyer personas through relevant social influencers.

Ready to Amplify Your Brand’s Presence?

While your competitors are making the most of influencer marketing campaigns, you certainly don’t want to be left behind.

The influencer marketing tactics we just discussed are going to help you immensely in implementing successful influencer campaigns for social media marketing.

Just make sure to select the right influencers for your brand, and focus on building long-term relationships with them.

Also, using the right influencer tools and platforms can save you time and make your marketing campaigns even more successful.

If you leverage any other influencer marketing tactics or have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments below.


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