Did you know that 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool?

And a staggering 97% of marketers believe video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.

If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t leverage the potential of video marketing, you are leaving a lot of money, conversions, and engagement on the table.

Not sure how to create videos?

You need to use the right tools.

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Which Are the Best Social Video Making Tools Out There?

Here is some good news:

You don’t need the support of a production house to shoot a video. You can use easily available tools for making videos to create professional-looking videos.

But which tools should you use to make your videos? I’ve made a list of 13 of the best video-making tools to choose from. Read on.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark enables web and mobile users to easily create, customize, and share videos and other visual content. This video making tool is a cross platform web app that comes with professionally designed templates for making stunning videos and graphics.

Key Features

  • Access to multiple themes, fonts, and images
  • Customizable templates
  • Reassign licenses whenever you want
  • Watermark removal


  • User-friendly
  • Easy collaboration
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Access to a huge database of images, icons, and templates


  • Can be confusing for amateur video creators and editors


  • Starter Plan: Free
  • Team Plan: Approximately $18 per month

Individual Plan: Approximately $9 per month


Image via Adobe Spark 

Pro Tip: Want some inspiration for your videos? Check out their Inspiration Gallery.

2. Animaker

If you want to create animated videos, Animaker is an apt choice for you. This video making tool can help you create pro-level animated videos with visual elements, background music, and custom characters.

Key Features

  • Infographics maker
  • Animaker whiteboard videos
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • In-app messenger


  • Pre-designed templates
  • Option to create vertical videos
  • Access to icons, charts, maps, and more
  • Custom font support


  • Certain features may lag


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: $19 per month
  • Business Plan: $39 per month
  • Free trial available

animaker social video making toolImage via Animaker

Pro Tip: Use their Intro Maker to create branded videos easily.

3. Moovly

Moovly enables you to create promo videos, explainer videos, training videos, and tutorials easily with their customizable templates. This video making tool has multiple types of templates for business, personal, and educational videos.

Key Features

  • Text-to-speech feature
  • White labeling options
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Color removal
  • Subtitles


  • Access to free footage, sounds, and images
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Video automation option
  • Don’t need to download software


  • Limited features in the Free Plan


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month
  • Max Plan: $99 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Get in touch with their sales team

moovly social video making toolImage via Moovly

Pro Tip: With their WordPress plugin, you can add forms to keep your site visitors engaged.

4. Animoto

Animoto helps you share your stories with interesting videos. By using this video creation tool you can make marketing videos and slideshow videos. It is very easy to use. Very economical too.

You can upload the photos and videos you want to use in the right order, choose your music, and hit the “create video” button. Then you can edit and add text.

There are plenty of options for customization. You can export and share the videos easily.

animoto video making tools

Image via Animoto

5. Biteable

Biteable calls itself – “The world’s simplest video maker that gives you professional quality.” It has a huge collection of pre-made video templates to choose from. They have sorted them well, to ensure the consistency of the graphics.

You can easily customize the video using a drag-and-drop editor. Use the text, colors, photos, and sounds you like. It has a huge range of audio files too. Editing is easy.

biteable video making toolsImage via Biteable

6. Vyond

Previously known as GoAnimate, Vyond helps you make videos really easily. This video creating tool has a big library of resources and pre-built templates.

What’s that mean for you?

Vyond is flexible and it is cloud based so it doesn’t require any downloads or set-up time. You can create and use your own characters in the videos. It has a very intuitive video editor.

vyond video making toolsImage via Vyond

7. iMovie

Apple’s iMovie can turn your footage and photos into quality videos. This video making tool has a simple interface and a resourceful library of professional looking themes and trailers.

iMovie helps Mac users edit video clips and makes them into movies with stunning 4K resolution. You can edit on iPhone or iPad too. It enables you to share your movies directly on your social media accounts.

imovie video making toolsImage via iMovie

8. Magisto

Magisto is an AI-powered smart video creation tool. It makes the process of editing videos semi-automatic, which simplifies the process of making videos.

Why is that awesome?

You simply have to choose the photos and clips you want included, select your editing style, choose the sounds and video maker will do the rest. It helps you host videos on your site. And the videos are optimized for email marketing, content marketing, and social media platforms.


Image via Magisto

9. Powtoon

Powtoon helps experts and amateurs make animated videos. This video creating tool has an intuitive interface and handy tools. You can add custom images and audio with ease. Or you can use Powtoon’s free resources and templates.

Its drag-and-drop feature enables you to make videos with ease. You can export the video straight to YouTube with ease.


Image via Powtoon

10. Ripl

Ripl is one of the best tools that helps you make animated videos. All you need to do is upload the photos with content you want to use in the video.

Choose the design, customize the style, add music, and you are done.

You can easily share the videos on social media channels with one click. And you can add hashtags and captions for your social media posts.


Image via Ripl

11. Rocketium

Rocketium is one of the best tools for making videos. It is a free online platform that enables you to make high quality videos.

Its intelligent auto-sizing feature makes videos of the right size for each social media platform. It provides automatic translation for more than 100 languages.

You can add media, and select and customize themes, music, animations, transitions, motion graphics, etc. Then your video is ready for your marketing strategies.


Image via Rocketium

12. Typito

Typito is a web-based video making tool. It has simple to use drag-and-drop interface.

You can add attractive graphics and text to the videos. It is cloud based software, so setting it up is easy. No software download is required.

Its simple browser based suite of tools match the best editing tools in the business. To create videos, upload the media, add textures and styles and other enhancements, and your video is ready to be shared on your favorite platform with one click.


Image via Typito

13. Shakr

Shakr is simple video creation tool. Its drag-and-drop video making platform is easy to use.

To create a video, you can add different kinds of media files. It provides you templates too. There are more than 2000 video designs to choose from.

Shakr helps you create professional grade advertisements with ease. And Shakr Advertise helps you promote your videos on Facebook and Instagram.

shakr video making toolsImage via Shakr

Bonus Tool: Promo.com

This brilliant video creation tool lets you create scroll-stopping, engaging videos with ease. It has a wide variety of premium video templates that you can use by simply adding your logo and content. These templates include visuals and pre-edited soundtracks that you can use in your videos as is.

What’s more, it has a collection of over 14 million HD visuals from providers like Getty and Shutterstock. So, you’ll have plenty of choices while creating your videos. And, it has a user-friendly interface and video editor that even beginners can use with ease.

So, try this tool and start making engaging videos like a pro.


Image via Promo.com


Q1. What is the best video-making tool?

A. One of the best video-making tools today is Adobe Spark. It can be used on desktops and portable devices with ease. Its suite of tools can be used to create, edit, publish, and share videos. The tool boasts of an extensive template library and intuitive interface. Plus, it offers collaborative features for large teams.

Q2. What are the best tools for video editing?

A. Some of the best tools available for video editing are:

  • Adobe Spark
  • Animaker
  • Moovly
  • Animoto
  • Biteable
  • Vyond
  • iMovie
  • Magisto
  • Powtoon
  • Ripl
  • Rocketium

Q3. How do I make a video for free?

A. To create slick, professional-looking videos for free, you can use free video-making tools like Adobe Spark and Animaker. These tools offer free starter plans with basic editing features and point-and-click editors. Plus, they have scores of free templates and themes for you to use.

Q4. What are some great video creation tools for B2B marketers?

A. For B2B marketers, video marketing is an essential strategy to build awareness and score leads. They can use robust video-creation tools like Adobe Spark, Animoto, and Vyond.

Q5. How many types of YouTube video tools are there?

A. To create and edit YouTube videos with ease, you can use these types of tools:

  • Video making: Animoto, Moovly
  • Video analytics: Tubebuddy, Socialbakers
  • Video animation: Animaker
  • Screen recorders: ScreenFlow

Q6. What is the best video making tool for advertisers/marketing agencies/startups?

A. Advertisers, marketers, and startup owners can use these budget-friendly video tools:

  • Magisto
  • Powtoon
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Wideo

Q7. What is the best tool to create a short video to explain your product?

A. The best tools to create short explainer videos are:

  • Vyond
  • Animaker
  • Powtoon
  • Moovly
  • Biteable
  • Toonly

Q8. What is a good tool/software for making videos for marketing?

A. Magisto, Powtoon, and Wideo are great video editors for marketers. Besides the regular video editing features, these tools also offer marketing-friendly tools for video analytics and optimization.

Q9. What is the best video editing tool for Windows to make a simple video?

A. The best video editing tool for beginners is Adobe Spark. It has a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and plenty of free images and fonts. Plus, they offer 24×7 customer support, which first-time users will find very helpful.

Ready to Create Engaging Videos?

Videos are called the “king of content.” They do pack a punch.

Not everyone has time to go through a 4 minute long blog post about your product or service. But they definitely can watch an introductory and informative video lasting 2-3 minutes to learn everything about your brand and your products.

With the help of video making tools, you can easily make videos that suit your marketing objectives.

Which tools have you been using? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


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